Humanity has a way of pointing fingers. Whether it be placing blame or glory, there is always someone pointing. When you walk the halls of a school youth point fingers, to the bully, the bullied, and sometimes the defender — when there is one. So often we complain, or secretly hate the way society acts, yet we fail to speak up against it. We watch in silent horror as our very nation crumbles before our very eyes. Yelling, “Why won’t someone do something?!” While the solution rest in our very own hands.

We standby claiming to innocent bystanders, but we are as guilty as the perpetrator, because we silently watched them destroy lives and said nothing. Consoling ourselves with the idea that someone else will handle that problem.

We spend our time saying that it is someone else’s job to deal with the hurting, the evils of the world, and evildoers of the world. We forget so often the impact we have on others. It is a chain reaction, and the seed we plant will be reaped.

We as people naturally gravitate to selfishness. Why? Because we are humans, filled with flaws and sin. When we standby and watch evil and wrongdoing and injustice happen we become accessories to that crime. Because by not saying anything we quietly condone it.

You may jump to defend yourself saying, “I most certainly DO NOT!” But you most certainly do. So what shall you do now, remain silent, or speak up?