She was saved when she was three. “Impossible! a three year old doesn’t understand enough to accept salvation.” Well you’d be wrong about that. She’d found Him, the lover of her soul and was wholly, completely, and totally in love and enamored with Him. From the time she could form full sentences she would pray for every friend and family member that God would love them and change their hearts.

At five years old, the little Princess received my first Bible. She walk around with that Bible as if it was a baby doll. She would kiss it with as much love as mother would kiss her child. Her sister looked at that little Princess with confusion.

“Why do you walk around with that book all the time?” the sister inquired.

“Because it is Heavenly Father’s love letter to me, and I love Him,” the little Princess responded with humble adoration.

The little Princess loved her King. She followed Him closely. The King had placed the little Princess into the care of two of His followers, desiring that they teach her all about who He was and how much he loved her. But alas, the two followers lost their way, and though at first the little Princess kept her perfect view of her King for a time, but it did not last. The Princess loved her King, but she also feared her King. As time went on she grew to fear her King more than she loved him.

When she was only six years old, a evil came upon her and defiled her, he touched and abused her innocence. Leaving her feeling dirty, and unworthy of her title as Princess. She used to enter into the throne room of her King every day. However, she felt such shame for what happened to her that she began to distance herself from her King.

At the age of seven, one of her caretakers seemed to be dying, the little Princess did not know what she would do without her mom. Peace, all the little princess ever wanted was peace for her house hold. However, her earthly mother and father relationship seemed to reside in a constant state of tension. But even with all the fighting and backbiting, at her most desperate points she still had enough courage to come to her King. So when the day came when her mom didn’t wake up, she cried out to her King. She shook her mother, yelled her name. Look to heaven and asked her Heavenly Father not to take her mom. Right then, her mom sat up. After that, the little Princess took and put her childhood on the shelf. She knew there was a possibility that it could happen again, and next time if her mom did not wake up, then she would have to take care of her two sisters.

That same year the little Princess, although the daughter of The King, often fell on hard times with her family. This particular Christmas, she and her two sisters were only to receive one present for each girl. However, The King sought to bless His daughter and remind her that He loved her. So on night of Christmas Eve a knock came to the door. As the door was opened two men stood in front of the house. They had been taking presents to children all over the land  where the little Princess resided. Her house was the last house so they were to leave all the left over toys with her and her family. Of course, the little Princess’ guardians accepted the generous offer. So the men brought in six 6 gallon bags filled to the rim with toys. The King had blessed the little Princess beyond comprehension. Slowly, she was starting to come back to her King and find herself once more wholly in Him.

However, a evil lord saw that the princess was starting to reconnect and plotted to once more  put a wedge between her and the King. For her knew of the power that dwelt within the little Princess. A power that could destroy strongholds, and fortify areas that were already strong. He saw the Spirit within her and fear overtook him. So he began his attack strategy to kill her Spirit before it became strong enough to damage any of his kingdom. But he underestimated the King and His love for His daughter.