Hello world,

You might be wondering what this site is about. Well it is about journeys, thoughts, lives, inspirations and wonders that have gone on for so long that people have cast to the side. These are my challenges, the challenges I have witnessed and the overcoming of them as well as the defeats. See in life we are constantly privy to all the successes of others. People constantly posting about how great their lives are or people happily posing for selfies smiling brightly showing off the the highlights, the best moments of their life. But few show, the hardship and struggle that happened before they got to that mountain top. So often we are left with this idea that we are stuck at the bottom of Mt. Kilimanjaro left to climb, while others seem to be flown to the top. When in truth, they had just started climbing a few weeks before we came to this mountain. I want you to see. The struggle along with the reward and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel; the climb is worth the view; and there is land at the end of this ocean. I hope you enjoy this blog. I don’t know how many people will read, but I hope this gives you encouragement and hope. Enjoy!