Princess Warrior


July 2015

The Princess Warrior

So who is princess warrior? Well princess warrior is my identity. I am a princess. Now some of you may say, “Pffffffttttt… Yeah Right!” Well it’s true I am a princess and I am a warrior. The world is my Father’s dominion.

That’s right for those of you who have picked up on it. I am a Christian. I can here the “OH NO. Another self-righteous, prejudice hot head, who wishes to delight herself in imposing her opinions on society. Filling the internet with useless anecdotes that are filled with useless, begrudging ideals.” Well, I am not that either.

I am a Christian, pure and simple. Though I may express my opinions on certain issues from time to time. I am in no way trying to impose my belief systems on anyone. However, as Christian I’m often, judged before anyone takes the time to know me. Because they instantly assume that I am some sort of Bible thumper here to rain down judgement.

Let me just say it is not my place to judge. I am here on this earth with the purpose of loving all who are on the earth. I may not agree with your lifestyle. I may believe you are in the wrong, but just because I don’t agree doesn’t mean I can’t love you.

I digress, I am a Princess Warrior, fighting for the kingdom that my Father had left to me and my fellow brothers and sisters to take care of. Unfortunately, many of my brothers and sisters have not been doing right by the dominion which they have been give. Cause as a Princess, a daughter of the Righteous King, I am called to lead how he lead. That means being a servant to all. Not allowing people to walk on me and treat me horribly, but to show love to all people no matter what the circumstances. I am by no means perfect in this area of my life, but it is an area in my life that I am trying to work on. So I am here walking the battlefields that I call home. Warring against my flesh, the spiritual world. Some of you may read this and think it fiction. It is not.

So here I am a Princess Warrior. Chosen by God, Grafted into His family, and Loved unconditionally, Fighting the Good Fight, and Running the Race. So to all the other Princess Warriors out there I pray a blessing over you. I pray for all of you that read this, that you will encounter God in ways that you never imagined. I pray that your faith grows daily.


The Princess Warrior


Hello world,

You might be wondering what this site is about. Well it is about journeys, thoughts, lives, inspirations and wonders that have gone on for so long that people have cast to the side. These are my challenges, the challenges I have witnessed and the overcoming of them as well as the defeats. See in life we are constantly privy to all the successes of others. People constantly posting about how great their lives are or people happily posing for selfies smiling brightly showing off the the highlights, the best moments of their life. But few show, the hardship and struggle that happened before they got to that mountain top. So often we are left with this idea that we are stuck at the bottom of Mt. Kilimanjaro left to climb, while others seem to be flown to the top. When in truth, they had just started climbing a few weeks before we came to this mountain. I want you to see. The struggle along with the reward and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel; the climb is worth the view; and there is land at the end of this ocean. I hope you enjoy this blog. I don’t know how many people will read, but I hope this gives you encouragement and hope. Enjoy!

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